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The Government of Mallorca is working to reduce the seasonality through the promotion and information of the cultural heritage, contemporary art and culture, gastronomy and sport training base. Reaching this goal would mean an increase of the quality of our tourism and a revitalization of the local economy. In order to achieve this goal Mallorca's Government has designed the Smart Mallorca project. "Smart Mallorca" promotes the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in order to improve the touristic offer, the services for citizens, the sustainability of resources and the contact between the society and the government. The main initiatives are the Smart tourism platform, big and open data platform, Smart building, Smart parking, Smart weather, Smart traffic and Smart emergency response system, which involves multiple projects throughout the Island to feed these lines of action

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The Government of the Balearic Islands works from different areas to make the region become a Smart Destination in order to effectively improve the economic model as well as to contribute to a more sustainable tourism. Combating climate change and preserving the environment constitute a fundamental axis in our strategy, as evidenced by the first Climate Change Act of the Balearic Islands currently being drafted and the adoption of the Sustainable Tourism Tax. Our plan also foresees other specific measures, such as promoting innovation, with government subsidies and support to professionals, and improving access to broadband internet to all municipalities in the Balearic Islands.

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Calvià Town Council is responsible for the local administration of the municipality. This eminently coastal municipality, the gateway to the Sierra of Tramuntana, has a population of around 50,000 inhabitants and an area of some 14,500 hectares. Its economy is primarily based on tourism. The Mayor and corporation president is Alfonso Rodriguez Badal. Among the Smart City objectives and initiatives, Calvià puts a priority on the efficient use of energy and respect for the environment, improving pedestrian and vehicle mobility, strengthening business management, implementing collaborative technological environments with its citizens, and promoting their quality of life.

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Smart City Expo World Congress is the leading event for cities, committed to boosting the implementation of all global agendas and supporting the development of our cities. Since its first edition in 2011, it has turned into an exceptional discussion and business platform to connect governments, companies, entrepreneurs, research centers and innovators around the world who are working to tackle similar urban challenges and generate opportunities for action. The Congress provides the opportunity to share knowledge with prestigious speakers and the global industry, and the exhibition gives participants the opportunity to see projects and technologies and connect all points of the ecosystem of a smart city. It allows them to network, sell, present projects and solutions and to do business.

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Fira Barcelona is one of the most important institutions in Europe for the experience of organizing trade shows, congresses and conferences, venue management and leadership. Founded in 1932, it organizes and hosts trade shows and congresses every year, covering the main sectors of the economy as well as numerous corporate, social and cultural events. Fira Barcelona not only operates in its host city but also internationally. It has operated venues and developed events in countries like Mexico, Qatar, Ethiopia, Cuba, Morocco, Turkey, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Russia and Japan. Its annual contribution to the city's economy is estimated at about 2,600 million euros and its activity also generates social and public value.

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