Islands leading the tourism industry

Technology & Tourism, Smart & Sustainable Tourism, Population Change, Youth, Quality of Life, Health and Social Welfare, Education, Cultural Diversity, Contemporary Arts & Culture, Cultural Heritage, Mainland-Island Relation, Iconic Architecture, Seasonality, Sustainable & Quality Tourism, Ecodiversity, Public Service Infrastructure, Flagship Projects.

Islands for the future: talent & economic growth, connectivity & infrastructures

Startups, Industry of Knowledge, Brain Drain Prevention, New Business Models, Incubators, Accelerators, Living Labs, Innovation Hubs, Enterpreneurship, Industrial Diversification, Mobile Connectivity, Smart Management, Smart Island Strategies.

Making the best of our own resources

Resiliency, Environmental Sustainability, Water, Desalination, Local Specificity, Architecture, Environment, Climate Change, Clean & Renewable Energies, Responsible Consumption, Energy Storage, Self-Sufficiency, Airports, Ports, Smart Grids, Waterfronts, Sustainable Spatial Planning, Social Innovation, Civic Engagement, Migrations, Civic Engagement, Competences and Devolution.

Connecting islands
to face global challenges

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