Smart Island
World Congress


Edition 2018

The unique event for Connecting Islands to face global challenges

Smart Island
World Congress

Smart Island World Congress brings together experts from all around the world to explore the opportunities that can arise from the unique challenges facing islands in areas such as efficiency, urban planning and economic and social development in the global era.

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About the 2018 Edition

After a successful first edition focused on the needs and opportunities of island territories in a globalised world, the 2018 edition evolved and focused on the need to seek synergies and strengthen the links and the network between islands, in order to advance to the main challenges faced by the islands of the future. Thus, the second edition of Smart Island World Congress was a meeting place where key players of the island ecosystem around the world built alliances and connections to strengthen themselves while facing the shared challenges.

Calvià and Mallorca

The perfect hosts for a World #SmartIsland Event

Calvià is located on the western side of Mallorca, the largest island in Spain's Balearic Archipelago, and has deep experience in managing the seasonality, natural environment and mass development of a major tourist reference point. Calvià's pioneer status in improving the tourists experience for its many visitors makes it the perfect candidate to host the Smart Island World Congress.

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Smart City Expo World Congress
and Fira de Barcelona

Barcelona's Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the annual international summit on the development of our cities. This event was first held in 2011 by Fira de Barcelona with a clear vision: to examine the key role that cities play for people in a continuously changing global context.

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Connecting islands
to face global challenges

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