Side Event - Fiware

Frontrunner Smart Cities in the API economy


21st April
11.45 – 13.30
Workshops Room

The API economy is an enabler for turning a business or organization into a platform. We live in an API economy, a set of business models and channels based on secure access of functionality and exchange of data.

In this workshop Cities will learn how they can become frontrunner Smart Cities in this API Economy, by being the leading adopters of the smart city reference architecture based on open standards jointly defined by TM Forum and the FIWARE Foundation.


· The City as a Platform in the Data/API Economy
· Turning a Smart City Vision into Reality – FIWARE/TM Forum Reference Architecture
· Exercise: Benchmarking Your City in terms of Smart City Maturity – Using the Smart City Maturity Benchmarking Model by TM Forum
· Want to join as front-runner Smart City? Learn what it means and next steps

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