SIWC'18 was the perfect setting to debate Smart Island
strategies, with more than 95 speakers.

congress overview

Under the motto "Connecting Islands to Face Global Challenges" the second edition of the Smart Island World Congress brought international island leaders, experts, authorities and companies to identify specific solutions to address the challenges islands are facing nowadays, through topics such as Smart and Sustainable Tourism, Talent and Economic Growth, Connectivity, Infraestrucutres, Clean and Renewable Energies, Climate Change and Resiliency, amongst others.






The most influential and innovative in the sector


Doug Lasnky

Doug Lansky
Tourism Consultant & Travel Journalist

Author of 10 books including 2 for Lonely Planet and 3 for Rough Guides, and lecturer at the National Geographic Headquarters, the United Nations World's Tourism Organization and nearly 100 universities.

Mónica Araya

Mónica Araya
Founder & Director of Costa Rica Limpia

Monica Araya has worked on sustainability issues for over 20 years with a focus on Latin America. She is the founder of Costa Rica Limpia, the country's first citizen observatory devoted to clean energy, transportation and quality of life issues.

Kate Brown

Kate Brown
Executive Director for the Global Island Partnership

Focused to raise attention of island issues globally, facilitate the sharing of experiences between island countries and countries with islands, to support island leadership and commitment by facilitating both technical and financial resources to help islands meet their goals and to enable islands work together to advance island conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth
Director of Development and Communications for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is an incubator for the Caribbean entrepreneurs that aims to scale impactful, globally competitive, sustainable businesses that lead to social, environmental and economic change in order to create dynamic Caribbean economies.


At the heart of intelligent island design challenges.


Islands leading
the tourism industry

Islands leading the tourism industry

Technology & Tourism, Smart & Sustainable Tourism, Population change, Youth, Quality of Life, Health and Social Welfare, Education, Cultural Diversity, Contemporany Arts & Culture, Cultural Heritage, Mainland-island relation, Iconic Architecture, Seasonality, Sustainable & Quality Tourism, Ecodiversity, Public Service Infrastructure, Flagship Projects.


Making the best
of our own resources

Islands for the future: talent & economic growth, connectivity & infraestructures

Startups, Industry of Knowledge, Brain Drain Prevention, New Business Models, Incubators, Accelerators, Living Labs, Innovative hubs, Enterpreneurship, Industrial Diversification, Mobile Connectivity, Smart Management, Smart island strategies.


Islands for the future:
Talent & Economic Growth, Connectivity & Infrastructures

Making the best of our own resources

Resiliency, Environmental Sustainability, Water, Desalination, Local Specificity, Architecture, Environment, Climate Change, Clean & Renewable Energies, Responsible Consumption, Energy Storage, Self-sufficiency, Airports, Ports, Smart Grids, Waterfronts, Sustainable Spatial Planning, Social Innovation, Civic Engagement, Migrations, Competences and devolution.

Connecting islands
to face global challenges

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